Cam X

iPhonography redefined. 99 High quality real-time photo and video filters.

Shoot like a pro. Camera redefined.

Preview real time effects right on the camera. Know how your photos will look even before you snap them.

Cam X has stabilizer for those shaky hands, timer for self portrait or group shots and square camera for those shareable square photos.

Video and short video. Record vidoes with filters.
Record videos in HD with any of the filters.
Or record multiple video clips into one short video with a different filters for each clip.

Advanced camera controls. Whatever the conditions are.

Easy to use advanced camera features like separate focus and exposure rings, focus and exposure lock, grid lines, horizon level, video stabilizer and low light boost.

All the photos are automatically saved to your library. You also have the option to save original photo which can be edited later.

99 filters. A filter chooser that’s a breeze to use.

Use one of the 8 essential filters anytime or explore endless possibilities with 10 additional packs of 9 filters each. Simply swipe anywhere on the screen to change filter. Or use the full screen filter gallery for a quickly preview all categories.

  • Glamor Pack
  • Black & White Pack
  • Sepia Pack
  • Vintage Pack
  • Portrait Pack
  • Scenes Pack
  • Hues Pack
  • Sketch Pack
  • Popart Pack
  • Toon Pack

Quick fix photos. Much more than filters.

Soft focus – Add tilt shift lens effect with horizontal and vertical blurring or add depth to the photo using radial blur.

Crop – Remove unwanted portions of a photo using intuitive crop interface. Choose unconstrained aspect to freely crop a photo or choose a desired constrain to ensure a fixed aspect.

Rotate and Flip – Stuck with a photo with wrong orientation. Rotate it or flip it seamlessly to correct the orientation.

Integrated Library. All your photos in one place.

You don’t have to import photos one by one into Cam X before you can edit them.

Cam X features integrated library. Just tap the photo you want to edit and swipe to enhance them with one of the amazing filters.

Effortless sharing. With everyone at once.

Share a single photo or video or select multiple photos at once, then share them on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter at once.

You can also share using email or messages. While Cam X uploads your creation in background you can snap more photos.

Cam X for iPhone

Cam X is designed to work with iPhone and iPod Touch. Get it for free from the App Store.