Insta Booth

A personal photo booth with 36 real-time effects and photo strips to change the way you click photos.
Remember those days when you would pay a quarter, make the most ridiculous face in a photo booth and laugh about it for days afterwards? With Insta Booth, now you can; anytime, anywhere — it’s right in your pocket.
36 real-time effects. All in high quality, at your fingertips.

With effects like toon, oil paint, old photo, analog camera, sketch, charcoal, ink, vignette, fish eye, kaleidoscope, mirror, twirl, squeeze, bulge, dent, tunnel, pencil, sepia, grayscale, x-ray, heat, pop art and many more at your command; taking photos has never been so much fun.

Sacrifice nothing. Insta Booth snaps photos at up to 3 MP or max camera resolution ensuring that you enjoy every detail down to the last pixel.

Photo strips. What’s your story?

Use the “strip” mode to create amazing photo strips. Capture different moods and weave your very own story.

You can customize the number of photos from 2 to 6, set the timer and even change the time in between the shots. Once you strip is created, you have all the options to edit it.

Photo frames. Savor those special moments.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but multiple pictures put together are worth much more!

Choose from a collection of 90 photo frames to create compositions with up to 6 photos. You can easily switch between frames and seamlessly transform them and reorder photos to get the desired results.

Transform photos. Be the candid cameraman!
Brighten up your friends’ night out, your cousin’s wedding or your own birthday party; or play pranks just for fun. With Insta Booth, the possibilities are endless. Use your vivid imagination to transform your photos that you’ll cherish forever.
  • Analog Camera Analog Camera
  • Toon Toon
  • Sepia Sepia
  • Ink Painting Ink Painting
  • Oil Painting Oil Painting
  • Pop Art Pop Art
  • Charcoal Painting Charcoal Painting
Gallery. Click them now, edit and share them later.
Insta Booth features a full-fledged gallery to help you manage, customize and share your photos all from one place.

Customize effects - If you change your mind later, you can easily switch between effects. Customize effects until you get that perfect composition.

Import your stills - You can seamlessly import photos from your photo library to Insta Booth and apply & customize your favorite effects.

Sharing – Upload straight to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and Flickr; or share via email; or export to your photo library all from within the app in just a few taps. Insta Booth also support effortless multiple sharing.

Insta Booth

Insta Booth is designed to work with iPhone and iPad. Get it for free from the App Store.